Wednesday, November 18, 2009


OK, now that September, October, and the first week of November are over I can relax! (Yes, I am in denial that the holidays are mere weeks away! Let me live in Fantasyland just a little while longer!) You see, every weekend for the last 9 weeks we have had at least one event a day. By event I mean some occasion that requires more than just getting dressed and going…it requires a gift or a costume or memory refresher.

This was my schedule: Labor Day, high school friends in from out of town, family party, kids birthday party, adult birthday party, neighborhood BBQ, kids birthday party, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer (40 mile walk, 2 day event), my child’s first birthday, high school’s 50th anniversary party, high school 20 year reunion, dinner party, kids birthday party, work mixer, housewarming party, baby shower, kids birthday party, out of town relatives, kids birthday party, costume party, kids birthday party, Halloween, and then my other child’s fourth birthday.

I am pooped!

The culmination was a combo birthday for my two little girls. Truth be told I missed the 1 year old’s birthday. I didn’t miss it miss it—I just couldn’t get my act together to plan a party. I know, I know, they don’t really know the difference, but what mother lets her baby’s first birthday sneak up on her without some momentous celebration? That would be me. You probably recognize me. I am usually the front runner for worst mother of the year. (I sense a lot of head nodding, “Oh, yes, she did sound familiar!”) Anyway…I planned an ‘old-fashioned’ birthday…games, cupcake theme, homemade, handmade everything.

Am I crazy? Most days, yes.

For the girls and me and my husband I made iron-on crystal cupcake tee-shirts.

We got a jumper. I made a ‘Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake’ poster and cut out 25 cherries.

I made 65 cupcake nametags—blue for the guys, green and pink for the girls.

I made 96 chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate and pink frosting, topped with flags with the girls’ initials. The favors were cupcake kebabs.

And the crowning glory of the party was a hand-made cupcake pull piñata.

I made potato salad, a fruit bowl, and deli platters. I also made the girls’ party hats—I make one for them on each birthday.

The girls had a great day. They loved everything about the party. Although I was ready for bed at 8 o’clock, I felt good. I made the girls happy. It was a happy birthday for both of them. I did it all by myself. Maybe I can redeem myself and relinquish the WMOTY title.

Hold on-- did you hear that? That was the sound of the let-down. The day after this crazy, 9 week wild ride was my niece’s birthday. And all of the relatives from my husband’s side of the family, who couldn’t make it to my girls’ party, miraculously made it to the niece’s party. (My husband’s brother’s daughter turned one the day after my little one turned 4.) And guess what? She had a cupcake theme party. All store bought. All perfect and professional looking. And the big moment of the party? A cupcake pull piñata. (The relatives all ooh-ed and aah-ed over these store-bought, commercialized, main-stream party goods.)

In my bleary-eyed, exhausted, post-party delirium, I am consoling myself with these truths (truth being in the mind of the mother): homemade, handmade equals more time, more energy, more love; no one else in the world will ever have the same party games, décor, hats, name tags, favors, piñata (all coordinated, with attention to every last detail) as my girls; and, best of all, wait for it…my child’s birthday will ALWAYS be one day earlier. How do you like them cupcakes?

(Note to the Editor: pictures will follow of the homemade, handmade, one-of-a-kind party creations…but right now I have to get some stuff together for an impromptu garage sale tomorrow morning. The neighbors thought that since I had some time on my hands…)

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