Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are you Home today?

Home is...

where you hang your hat…

where you rest your head…

where your loved ones are…

where your heart is…

a safe haven...

where you are cherished...

where you want to be.....

So here we are, starting a blog: desperate times call for desperate measures, or maybe not.

Sometimes the forces of the universe conspire to inspire us to find our voice and sing out with all our might the song that only we can sing.

The reasons why we think we couldn't or shouldn't reach for the stars can be obliterated in unfathomable ways by all the reasons why we should.

For each of us has a directive that is wholly unique.
No one else can fulfill it.

Let us see past the distractions,
listen beyond the naysayers,
journey through the discontent and claim our song.

Every morning is a renewal,
every meal, a chance to nourish,
every day, an opportunity to move our bodies through space and time on this planet and become stronger and more vibrant,
every night, a time to renew.

This is our collective desire,
to explore, define, construct and establish the space
we need to accomplish our goals-- the space we call Home.

{{for gigi}}

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