Monday, November 16, 2009

From this point to that...

So much of my time is spent in a vehicle being conveyed from this point to that. The destinations are always important at the moment, but soon will be relegated to a memory of the mundane.

The area that I was traveling through was typical of the growth and development of suburbia. On one side was a huge new mall: Planned, built and landscaped to entice us into the joys of materialism. On the other side was an almost equal amount of acreage that was cleared except for a few piles of rubble and weeds that just barely met the abatement ordinances of the city.

I was giving obligatory attention to the traffic maneuvers of my fellow travelers who were independently interpreting traffic laws when I happened to look up and over to the side where high above me was a lone hawk riding the morning thermals. A few flaps of his powerful wings would take him almost out of sight and then he would confidently and expertly glide down. He was a joyous participant on his own playground. At the same time, I am sure he was monitoring those piles of rubble for some sort of meal that might be inhabiting that last piece of undeveloped land. Probably hungry, unaware that his source of livelihood was quickly disappearing, and certainly not with a cache of food sufficient to last him through his retirement years, he was simply enjoying the day.

You Go, Hawk!

Posted by The Editor for Gigi.

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