Thursday, November 12, 2009

Firsts on Second

Bloggers. Why do they start talking to the internet?
Do they all have high aspirations?
Or, is their reason simply mundane?

What if, because of your blog:

You had a book on the NYT bestsellers list?

You made the Forbes "Most Influential Women in Media" list (2009), published two books, and both you and your husband stay home with your children on your blog income.

Your family life inspired the publication of two books?

You became an inspiration to many and Oprah asked you to be on her show?

I wanted to link the first posts of these bloggers.
However, some have switched blogger sites/platforms in the course of their blog ...So, here are the earliest posts I could find for them.

May we all be so blessed with our efforts.

Posted by the Editor.

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