About Us

One blog.

Two generations.

Three writers: Gigi, The Editor, & Busy Body

Gigi: Mother to The Editor and Busy Body. A reflective writer. Dedicated to family. Spare in posts (at this time) but packs a punch when she does publish.

The Editor: 40-something, mother-of-three, daughter, sister, wife. Drinks tea, never coffee. Practices yoga, mindfulness, gratitude and piano. Resides in Texas, but is not from Texas. Moving to North Dakota in the spring summer.


Busy Body: 29 with a few years of experience, wife of a twin, mother of 2, step-mom to one; loves puzzles, scrapbooking, and anything crafty--has time for none of the above but knows there will be plenty of time in the blink of an eye; has a mouth full of sweet-teeth; loves a clean home but loves spending time with the kids MORE; has a brain full of music lyrics and commercial jingles; loves the rain, the beach, autumn, and all things that smell like vanilla, but cannot resist chocolate: bleeds UCLA blue and gold; cannot squeeze enough into 24 short hours of the day.

We can be reached through comments on this blog or by email: