Monday, May 3, 2010

Translation, please

The new big thing at our house: the Pokemon show. I know it's been around a long time, but the three just discovered it. Initially, they were familiar with only one character: We have had a pair of like-new, hand-me-down Pikachu slippers since forever. No one has ever really worn them, save an occasional stomp down the hall when they are discovered in the back of the closet. They were on my list of things to find and donate before the big move to the frozen tundra. Not because I thought they wouldn't be useful, but they fell into the "had it and not used it for six months" arbitrary rule I established for decluttering for this move.

And then, they started watching the Pokemon cartoon. Every evening, 2 minutes before the show starts, Bubba, Stump, and Samantha start running around yelling "Where is my Pokemon!!??!!" Tears ensue if the pair of slippers can't be found and then I have to start running around looking too. When both are found, the boys sit in front of the tv, clutching their slippers and watching rapturously for the duration. Sometimes Samantha wants to hold one of the slippers, but she can usually be pacified with something pink.

I hear no talking while the show is on. But after it's over, they start chattering and reenacting their favorite parts. They all like Pikachu best, but to hear them tell it, there are three characters:

Bubba: Pikachu

Stump: Chikapu

Samantha: Pizza-you

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