Friday, November 13, 2009

Golden Leaf Day

Today was an almost perfect Fall day...threatening rain, but still beautiful. Each season has its own signature made up of weather, activities and celebrations, and, most enjoyably, food. When the weather starts to cool down and warn of the cold days to come, it's time to get out the biggest pot in the kitchen and make soup. AND THEN, start planning all the tastes of Autumn: Crisps and cobblers; Fall veggies; and the many, many ways to enjoy apples.

Over forty years ago, we went to a church pot luck and I was especially drawn by the smell of an apple cake. I could have eaten the whole thing, but restrained myself to an initial enormous piece and many "sneaked" smaller cuts. The woman who brought the cake lived with her family in a one room home. One room while they constructed the rest of the house as funds came in. She was a great cook but without the means of hostessing in her own place and so she brought wonderful contributions to the church get-togethers. I think she was especially pleased that her cake was such a big hit with me and the next Sunday "gifted" me with the recipe.

As I am writing this, the house is filled with the wonderful smell of the cake, because just thinking about it compelled me to bake it. I had to laugh because sometime during these many years, some little hand lightly, but diligently, scribbled all over the recipe card, a pleasant occupation while Mom pared and chopped and mixed.

I like this recipe because it says put all the ingredients in a bowl and blend thoroughly. However long this has been around, it has probably been concocted the same a large bowl with a wooden spoon. I like to think that the same process of duplication somehow connects me to all the women and all the kitchens that have produced this family favorite. I was thinking that maybe the next time I make it, I won't peel the apples, but just chop them a little more. ( B
ut what if I have creative remorse?) Maybe you should try that variation and let me know the results. I can't mess up a family treasure!

Here's the recipe:

Fresh Apple Cake Serves 12

4 c chopped apples 1 t vanilla

2 c sugar 2 c flour

2 eggs 2 t soda

1 c oil 1 c nuts

1 c shredded coconut 1/2 t salt

Place all ingredients in large bowl. Blend thoroughly.

Pour in greased and floured pan (13x9x2)

Bake 50 to 60 minutes @ 350 degF.

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