Tuesday, November 17, 2009

About this blog...

This is collaboration between mothers and daughters. We are all mothers. The posts are written, in no particular order, by one of us: The Mother, Gigi, and First Daughter, The Editor, and Second Daughter, Busy Body. We used to live close together but now have scattered across the US.

The blog is a collection of topics that occurs during telephone calls to each other. The title of the blog reminds Gigi of her time in college and just married when she was so far away from home. Phone calling was quite different then and very expensive. The first three minutes were one rate and then every minute after that was an extra charge. Everyone got into the mindset of trying to say everything in three minutes and so you would organize your talking points prior to the call. Dialing home was very exciting.

This blog is exciting for us, we hope you enjoy it, too!

-The Editor

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