Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The (formerly) Silent One

My middle child, Stump, didn't talk much when he was two. He made noises and gestured, and indicated. But the talking...not so much. Gigi evaluated him when she came to visit and decided that, even though he wasn't saying words, he was comprehending them. Maybe it was the binky? Maybe it was the new baby? He could communicate clearly enough so we could meet his needs but there were no discussions with him. My eldest was discussing electronics and robots and construction vehicles at that age, among other things. Stump just called everything Buh! for awhile, then on to other sounds and words. Fast forward to age 5, and now he is telling me things, talking to me, having discussions.

I am finally hearing the things that have been locked inside that curly blond head. I have been waiting for this and love to hear him tell me things like, "I dreamed about stars last night," or "Those tall buildings are skyscrapers, mama," or "I want to be hug-ded me so I can fall asleep," and, whispering to the cat just before falling asleep, "You darling kitten, you shall have some pie."

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  1. Oh, I love that little blondie! He tugs at my heart...must be a second-child connection. (That or he wanted to go home with me to stay two summers ago...even got his Mr. Quack and got in the car.) Send him here any time!


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