Monday, April 19, 2010

My topless dancing experience

Oh, my stars! Should I be concerned that my 18 month old CONSISTENTLY and DELIBERATELY wants to wear only pants/shorts/skirt/diaper/bloomers
read: anything for her bottom half, but relishes running around topless? And to make matters worse, her favorite topless activity is dancing in front of the sliding glass door—please! Someone tell me this is a phase!

(I need to know…Joy never did this. Her thing was her belly button and she LOVED to pull up whatever it was that she was wearing so she could hold it. Onesies didn’t solve the problem, either—onesies to Joy were like straight jackets to Houdini. THAT phase lasted the better part of a year.)

Please let it be a phase!Please let it be a phase!Please let it be a phase!Please let it be a phase!*

*A short one!

Posted by The Editor for Busy Body.

Note: Heather Armstrong of Dooce has the opposite problem with her daughter, Leta:

The interview lasted all morning, and then they returned in the afternoon so that they could get footage of us hanging out with Leta. When we picked her up from school we told her that a photographer was coming over to take pictures and then spent the next hour saying, no, Leta, you cannot take off your pants. But she wanted to take off her pants, she always got to take her pants off after school, and I was all, I know, I hate wearing pants, too, but she was going to have to find the strength somewhere inside her to remain clothed for at least the next half hour. So she said, "If I leave my pants on can I have four treats?" And I was all, of course! I don't see anything wrong with rewarding such hard work.

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