Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That girl

Oh, little Marlo. She is so funny. She takes her socks off and smells them, crinkles her nose, and grins. Then she sticks her toes in her mouth. Yes, it’s kinda gross…but you have to admire her flexibility.

She is getting teeth at an alarming rate. Her drool production is off the charts. She needs to wear a bib 24/7 or I have to change her hourly. But it’s impossible to get upset with pools of drool everywhere when she leans over to give you a big, wet, heartfelt kiss.

She refuses to let me put anything in her hair so she constantly has hair in her face. It looks messy and unkempt, but it’s so her.

She’s a little klepto. Whenever we can’t find something we have to retrace her trail—eventually we find the TV remote on the stairs, Joy’s boot in the DVD drawer, the tortilla warmer in the play pen, and the toilet paper from the toilet paper holder in the downstairs bathroom in the pantry.

She is a big fan of eating. It’s like a hobby for her, but she hates to get into her high chair. You have to distract or bribe her with some kind of unusual food or perhaps a toy or something she can’t usually get her hands on to get her to sit in her chair. Then you have to strap her in super fast or she will try to climb out. Once she’s in, she is ultra happy about the food put in front of her. She is usually the last one to finish eating. Go figure.

Marlo loves being in the bath. She loves to splash, she loves to play, she loves the tub. She has eaten the soap, drank the bath water, and sucked the washcloths. She smells so soapy sweet when she gets out of the bath. I wish she could bottle that smell!

She is funny and animated in a quiet way. She doesn’t draw a lot of attention to herself, she just goes about her day doing her funny little things, and if we’re lucky, we catch her doing some of them.

She’s our baby and she knows it. She milks it. She plays all of us, purposely, masterfully. She’s might powerful for such a tiny little thing.

Oh, sweet baby—I wish I could slow time down. It’s going by in a blink. I’m afraid when she wakes up tomorrow she’ll be leaving for college. Every mother out there knows what I mean.

I gotta go smell her soapy sweet little head through the slats in her crib…

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  1. Love this! Makes me think of mine when they were little- and that's not too long ago!


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