Saturday, January 30, 2010

Play Date

Hubs and I were rushing around trying to get ready for work. It’s a lot to do in the morning. I guess it’s good preparation for when the girls start school and we really have a schedule we have to adhere to. Get up, make the beds, get everyone dressed, make breakfast, eat, clean up the kitchen, get our work stuff together, feed the dog, walk the dog, clean up after the dog, and get out the door at a reasonable time. Some days go better than others. This morning we were behind, racing with the clock.

It always seems like when we are running late that the girls are underfoot. I don’t mind because I know tomorrow they will be teenagers and won’t want to be around us, so I am enjoying it as much as I can while it lasts. But today they were rummaging through bathroom cupboards, rearranging my make up drawer and trying on all of my shoes. Suddenly Joy said, “Come on, Marlo. We’re going to have a play date. Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll watch her for you. Go ahead and get ready. We’re going to the loft to play.” I thought that sounded OK—the loft is right outside my bedroom door. I could monitor them by listening and checking on them from time to time.

When I went to check on them, they weren’t in the loft. They had gone down the hall to Joy’s room. They were both on Joy’s little rocking horse which isn’t a horse, but an elephant. Marlo was on the front and Joy was right behind her with her arms wrapped around her. They were rocking back and forth and Joy was singing, “We’re having a play date…we’re having a play date…just us all alone…we’re having a play date.”

Both little girls had smiles on their faces. They were happy, playing together peacefully, enjoying their “alone time.” When I walked in Joy said, “Oh, Mom, I was baby-sitting her for you, but I told her it was a play date. I was making sure she was OK. We were having fun.”

Why are they so sweet and endearing when you are in a hurry or have to leave? I wanted to freeze the moment and just watch the two of them rocking together—my heart (both parts) sitting there on the elephant, happy, peaceful. Oh, my heart. Who knew being a mother could make your heart so full?

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