Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little Miss Manners

We all worry whether or not we are teaching our children the right things—how to act, how to treat other people, how to handle certain situations.

When the Editor and the Italian were visiting for the Holidays, they had a birthday party for Bubba, Stump, and Samantha Jean Pocket. The house was crowded with family and friends. Everyone had a great time, but little Marlo, the littlest guest of all, got tired. Too much partying, too many people, too late in the evening and she was done. She wanted to get home to her own pjs, her own room, her own bed, her own blankies. And so we began the good-bye ritual. Hugs and kisses to everyone, say something nice and then say good-bye. I told Joy and Hubs that we were leaving, but since Marlo was already in Done Mode, I was just trying to get our good-byes done as quickly as possible.

Then I realized that we probably wouldn’t see the Editor et al until summertime, so then it was way more important to remind Joy to say good-bye to everyone. When I turned around and told her to say good-bye and give hugs and kisses she said, “I did.” Really? To everyone? I hadn’t seen her, but then again, I had been busy with Marlo, so, just to be sure, I began checking…did Joy say good-bye? Yes, Yes, and Yes.

When I told Joy we were leaving, she went around to everyone in the room, gave them hugs and kisses and said good-bye, without being prompted or told to…hurray! One point in my favor to get me off the worst mother of the year list! What a Joy!

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