Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sonic Pirates, second tale

See here for part one.

It was a cold, clear day in December when the Skelty and the Crackerish ships sailed through the Fifth Ocean, also known as Ocean Number Five. The air was crisp and the crew started shivering. Then they heard bells and "Ho, ho, ho."

"Ay, mateys! Did you hear that?!?" said Captain Crackerish 4. "Arggh, arggh, yes, yes, what is it, arggh?" chimed the rest of the crew (2 Skeltys, 1 Lemon-lime, 6 other Crackerishes, and 3 Brown-beard peg legs and their pets, limey the parrot and frye the ferret, astronaut, but alien was still missing, presumed overboard.)

"Ay, it be time to get your pirate hats, your pirate gloves, your pirate scarves, and your pirate jackets. We be sailing near the North Pole." said Crackerish 4.

"The North Pole? What?!?" said they. "Yes, the Fifth Ocean takes us near the North Pole, where it is cold, and snowy and icy. Santa Claus lives there. At this time of year, he practices with his sleigh and reindeer in preparation for Christmas" said Crackerish 4. "But, Beware, me hearties, there is a danger of getting icelocked."

The youngest pirates, limey and frye, said, "Ooh, ooh, tell us, what is icelocked?" Crackerish 4 shook his head and said, "It be a bad thing. I don't even want to speak of it. Captain Skelty, you tell them."

So, Captain Skelty, boarded the Crackerish ship by jumping over from the deck of the Skelty ship and all the pirates huddled around to hear. "Icelocked. I've seen it once before and never want to see it again. The ship sails into cold waters that turn to ice and freeze the ship. The ship is squeezed by the ice and can't move. The wood of the ship groans and moans and screams like a woman until it cracks and splinters into tiny pieces. You might escape if you have snowshoes and an ice pick and can jump off the ship onto the ice and wait for a helicopter to pick you up. But if you don't, you will never be seen again."

The smallest pirates hid their eyes. The other pirates yelled, "Ahoy, Arrgh, turn the ship, QUICKLY! Put up all the sails and get us out of here." So the brave pirates, turned the wheel to turn the ship and harnessed all the power of the wind to speed away from the dangers of the ice. And they sailed out of the Fifth Ocean on to another day. THE END.

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