Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sister of My Heart

She has always been there. My first playmate. My roommate. My best friend. My rival. My supporter. My cheerleader. My tutor. My teacher. My wingman. My partner in crime. You name it, she has probably played that role in my life. She has always been there…she is 2 years older than me.

We went to school together. We double dated. We got into trouble together. We know each other like twins know each other. I know what she’s thinking, she knows what I am thinking. We laugh at the same things. The same things make us cry. We have shared clothes, food, cars, pets, friends, and memories. She has always been there…she is my oldest friend.

We went to the same elementary school, different jr. highs, different high schools, and rival colleges. We have been on vacation together, in car accidents together, and lived together during college and even after college. We’ve been bike riding together, boogie boarding, dancing, swimming, roller skating, to aerobics, shopping...she has always been there…she is my big sister.

We know each others’ secrets. We were in each others’ weddings. We have swapped recipes, maternity clothes, baby clothes, horror stories, advice. We’ve spent holidays, birthdays, and plain, ordinary days together. She has always been there. She is my soul sister.

Two years ago she moved over a thousand miles away. We still had the phone, email, cards, postal packages, vacation visits. Now she is moving another 100 miles away. We will still have phone calls, emails, etc…this just wasn’t how I envisioned our lives going. I thought our kids would grow up together, we’d always live a few miles away from each other. She has always been there. She is my best friend.

Time, space, distance…busyness, marriage, housekeeping, child-rearing, cooking, cleaning, working, shopping, laundry, driving...all of these things may try to come between us. But she will always be there. And I will miss her, but she will always be there. She is the sister of my heart.

Posted by The (verklempt) Editor for Busy Body.

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