Thursday, March 25, 2010

Project Runway Meets Romper Room

I love to watch “Project Runway.” I find it fascinating that designers can come up with an idea based on a challenge and put it all together in such a short amount of time. I wish I was that talented. But almost as much as I love the content of the show I love the lingo. I love Tim Gunn’s little phrases, like, “Make it work.” That’s a good motto for life in general I think.

Anyway, this week the challenge was to make an outfit for a little girl and then they had to make a matching outfit for an adult. As you can imagine, neither the designers, nor the models were very good with kids—although they tried to put up a good front. One of the designers said, at one point, “The work room was a little like Romper Room on crack.” I thought it was a little dramatic—the little girls were just being little girls. But I can totally relate to that statement.

Sometimes when I get home from work and I walk in the door, the house is quiet. The kids are upstairs playing with Gigi and the Norwegian. For about 5 seconds I just drink in the peacefulness. And then when they realize I am there, the insanity starts. Either they get a rush from me coming home and it gets them all hyped up, or my presence changes the whole magnetic field of the house and everyone has to act crazy. From the time they realize I am home until they get into bed they are “a little like Romper Room on crack.” They scream and howl and run around and act like little wild things. After a long day at work, and just a long day in general, sometimes it’s a little much. It makes Hubs a little crazy himself.

It is what it is, though—they are kids and they go crazy about funny things. Right now I am going to take it as a compliment. They are happy to see me and they are showing it by acting like little addicts. I am going to encourage this addiction as long as I can. I get a high from reuniting with them, too. When they get a little older and need to act “cool” these days will be a distant memory, and so I will enjoy it while it lasts…because one day you’re in and the next day you’re out!

Auf wiedersehen!

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