Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch

Spiders are spinning away in the trees
Buggies are bouncing and riding the breeze
Gliding through the sky we’re riding high
The fun we hatch in Sunny Patch
To the Hollow Tree
A family on wings and strings and floaty things
Coming home for hugs
Be good to bugs.

This, my friends, is the theme song to the cute little cartoon, Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends. And, yes, I know the words. All of them. Hubs was surprised the other day when he heard me singing along. It’s a catchy little tune, I have to admit, but the only reason I know it is because it is the favorite TV show of the moment. We have to watch each episode as it comes on TV, record each one to play back later, then re-play our favorite parts over and over and over and over and over. If you lived here you would know it, too.

It’s not all bad. It is a cute, wholesome cartoon that teaches good things. There’s no bad language and Miss Spider’s voice is Kristin Davis. Kristin Davis as in Charlotte of Sex and the City Kristin Davis. The sound of her voice takes me back to the BK* days when I could watch Sex and the City, whenever I wanted to (*BK=Before Kids). I used to be into fashion and fun and cool things…now I am into matching hair bows and kids’ fun and Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends. Fashion these days means wearing a shirt that is NOT decorated with dried drool, food and snot. Fun these days is getting an extra 15 minutes of sleep, even if it means falling asleep on the couch before my favorite TV show has ended. And cool things are getting to hear Kristin Davis’ voice and reminiscing about Sex and the City episodes from yesteryear…until I am brought back to reality by the sound of laughter at something funny going on in Sunny Patch.

Yes, I know the theme song to Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends. That makes me cool with my kids, and for now, that makes me the coolest of the cool—that’s how I roll.

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  1. I LOVE that show. Whenever my daughter asks to watch it, I don't mind putting on the DVD. I'm hoping Miss Spider's calmness rubs off on me ;)


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