Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baseball and Boogers

Marlo thinks it’s funny to take a tissue and put it up to her nose and blow. I think it’s funny, too, most of the time. It’s funny because she’s so little and she’s not blowing her nose—she’s blowing through her lips. Whenever she thinks to do it we always get a good laugh.

This morning at church, a few folks more were let in on the joke.

We go to the family room at church because, as I’ve explained before, Marlo is not 100% in agreement with the whole you-have-to-be-quiet-at-church thing. In fact, she thinks that the quieter it is, the more she should fill in with noise—LOTS of noise.

To add to the challenge of church going with a toddler, Hubs is now playing in a baseball league that was supposed to play on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. They changed the schedule after he joined and so for the next umpteen months I have to fend for myself on Sundays.

So, today we got to church really early. We decided to get a cup of hot chocolate. Marlo had her sippy and Joy and I were going to share the hot chocolate while we waited for the service to start. It took a while for the chocolate to cool. Once it did, Joy picked it up—and dropped it. I’m not sure how a gallon of H.C. fit into that cup, but that’s how much came out. Thankfully, it was cool by then because the only person it got on was Marlo. I did my best cleaning job with half a dozen wipes and then decided it was time to drop Joy off at Sunday School.

Marlo and I then made our way to the family room. We found a nice spot in the front where I could keep an eye on her while she played with the other kids and I could still listen. After the service got started and everyone started to quiet down, Marlo decided she needed to examine the contents of my purse and my diaper bag. The item that got her attention was the package of wipes. After a few minutes of semi-quiet struggle, we negotiated a one-wipe compromise. She decided that the best use for a wipe at that time was to blow her nose.

Much to our surprise, she actually did blow her nose. And, lo and behold, a booger came out! Right on the wipe! Marlo took that wipe and looked at it, and looked at it again—and then, in her loudest, clearest voice, started pointing and asking, “What’s that? What’s that? What’s that?” And if it hadn’t been in the middle of church it would have been very amusing. (The 40 or 50 people around us thought it was funny anyway.) I just wanted to pretend it hadn’t happened, but Marlo, then decided she needed to show everyone—and stayed just two steps ahead of me. When I finally caught her she laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. I’m hoping that God was thinking it was the funniest thing in heaven, too.

When is baseball season over?

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  1. Marlo sounds adorable!! I'm sorry, I know it must have been embarrassing for you, but hey, at least you got a good blog post out of it ;-)


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