Saturday, February 27, 2010

FPW: Having a Heart for My Children

Every Saturday, we are going to post a link to our Favorite Post of the Week (FPW). Not from our own posts, but what we've discovered while surfing away during the week. Sometimes, we click "next blog-->" at the top of our screen. Sometimes, we follow comments back to other websites. And sometimes, we get lovely emails that make us want to hear more from the author.

And, if you have come across a good post that you think is worthy of being called the FPW, let us know. We read all our comments and emails (

Without further ado, here is this week's FPW written by Jena. This was a feature article she wrote for Simple Home School. I read this post late one night after a very trying day with my three. Their father is traveling a lot for his job these days, so I am wearing many hats and having many adventures(!). That particular night, Stump climbed the lightpost out front and unbalanced the very heavy top that had somehow become disconnected. He jumped off and it crashed down less than 24 inches from him. I do believe it weighs about the same as he weighs. He wasn't hurt, but I yelled, I had told him not to climb it and it was a close call. I was really upset and lost my temper. Additionally, I was mad because that circuit is tied to all my kitchen outlets and the wires pulled out when the top fell down and wiped out the whole circuit. Late that night, after all were asleep but me, I was reflecting on my day and my handling of that whole incident was unacceptable. I want my very busy days to be happy ones, and remembered as such, not "The day the lampost broke and mama yelled." I spend a few minutes late each evening working on the blog and reading other blogs. That night, I found Jena's post. It made me cry, because it validated what I want for my children and gave me a clearer vision of how to move forward. Even thought it is titled "At the Heart of Homeschooling," I believe her central truth is applicable for any mother. This post resonated with me. I posted a comment for Jena and she emailed me with encouragement. I cannot say how much that gesture helped me adjust my outlook for this week. Jena's personal blog is Yarns of the Heart. I strongly encourage you to check it out, too. It really made a difference this week for me. And, this highlights one of the things I love about the Internet--kindness and generosity of spirit from people you've never met.

Thanks, Jena!

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This post has also been selected as this week's words to live by on Notes from A Cottage Industry.

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  1. You've completely made my week! It means so much to me that my trials and tribulations of parenting can help others. :) Oh, and of course I had my moments of regret in dealing with my kids, and I still do. When mom or dad says "I'm sorry" that sticks in their minds a lot harder than the negative interaction. It can all be turned into good. :)

    Thanks so much for the encouragement and the links!


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